White Chrysanthemum Flowers Organic

White Chrysanthemum Flowers Organic

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Chrysanthemums contain essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants our bodies need to promote good health and well-being

The infusion of these snow-white blossoms grown on the slopes of Huang Shan Mountains is amongst the most delicate and nuanced herbal teas China has to offer.

 Light and sweet in flavor,  white chrysanthemum flowers pair well with the subtlety of green teas, in addition to being a refreshing infusion on their own. In China, dried Chrysanthemum Flowers are used to make a sweet tea called júhuā chá; and in Korea, Chrysanthemum Flowers are used to flavor gukhwaju, or rice wine.

Both Organic and Kosher certified

The hot water quickly has its effect and the petals unfold revealing beautiful golden yellow floating chrysanthemum flowers meanwhile their delicate yet earthy fragrance is released. Let the flowers steep for up to five minutes while you will enjoy sitting back watching them float on the surface of the transparent yellow chrysanthemum tea  - it really is a meditative experience after a long day's work.  Then to drink the tea; its refreshing taste is delicate and earthy at the same time and reminiscent of chamomile tea - if you prefer a sweeter taste honey or rock sugar can be added to the water before adding the dried flowers.